Dr.Sonali Chaturvedi


Often, our truest passions emerge in childhood, only to be squelched by real life pressures. Getting back in touch with those instincts is an important step in finding your passion.

Some people are lucky enough to know exactly what they want to do in life and love the path they’ve chosen to follow.

If you love what you are doing, you’re in the home stretch, and if you know what work you love, you’re practically there.

There are so many running stories out there. Whether you are on the social media platforms or visiting your favorite running blog, you will find a running story. The truth is, all of these stories are as unique as the individuals who write them. Here is the story of Dr.Sonali Chaturvedi who developed a harmonious passion for running – passion can fuel motivation, enhance well-being, and provide meaning in everyday life.

about Dr.Sonali Chaturvedi

I Dr Sonali Chaturvedi hail from Indore, where I spent a major part of my childhood and college life. Post marriage, I moved across Delhi, Goa,Chennai and Mumbai to finally stay put at Hyderabad, where I currently reside.

Run Details

Date : 22 Apr 2018

Time : 5:45 AM start

Location : KBR Park Main Entrance

running history

I have always been a keen sportsperson and my childhood memories are adorned with extended games sessions, tournaments where both victories and defeats were celebrated, but most importantly, the camaraderie and bonhomie around sporting events.

10 years of medical postgraduate education, followed by motherhood took me away from all those sporting experiences and so, when I finally got a breather from it all, I came across running as a wonderful starter. It was in Mumbai where I started tinkering with the idea of running a full marathon and one day, while taking a brisk walk in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, my father looked at a group of lady marathoners and casually remarked – “You should follow a goal like that, .. something beyond academics and family”. … I was hooked on to running from that day onwards. Then first half marathon I ran was Thane hiranandani and finished strongly in 2 hrs 39 min and since then no looking back. I have done some close to 30 half marathons including

Satara Hills Marathon, Standard Chartered Mumbai Maarathon, Goa River Marathon, GHAC Olympic Triathlon, Hyderabad Ultra 25K

I crossed the finish line for the full marathon this January and though I’ve had grueling experiences in triathlons and other runs as well, nothing can possibly compare with that moment of a lifetime.
As I look back at my journey, I can’t help but be unconditionally thankful to everyone who has played a part in my pursuit. From my family, who have taken pride in every run I completed, to my friends who have stood (or rather, run) along with me through every track and terrain, to those beautiful faces who have stood along the track, cheering, providing sag support and ceaselessly motivating.

I thank running for being more than a sport – for me, it’s a philosophy that constantly inspires me to compete with NO ONE, but myself. In the process, everyone becomes my friend, my collaborator and well, what better experience than to be in the company of friends, doing what you love — and growing as a personality as well !

My Aparna Sarovar group is one good stress buster for me, where we run together, encourage every-one around, have fun together, pull each others legs also sometimes ????


Family & Work

I am a proud mother of two awesome kiddos, Eshan and Gargi, 8 & 6 RESP,who have always intrigued me with their witty quips on why I keep running everywhere !
Married to Dr. AMBUJ CHATURVEDI who is a neurosurgeon and currently head innovations in a leading MNC. He is my pillar of strength ,and his being around has made morning runs possible with 2 kids at home. My outstations runs are fun for me where he is the one managing the show here at home.
Professionally, I am a neuro-anesthetist and pain therapist. Not satisfied with 10 years of medical postgrad education, I chose to pursue another postgrad in Clinical Psychology and then added a couple of certifications in sports medicine from the American College of Sports Medicine. Currently i am working with two startups where i am clinical Advisor and wellness counselor, consulting them on content writing on wide range of wellness issues. By adding my practical experience in running, I am now on the path to practice what I have learnt.

Other Interests

Dancing to peppy numbers, Travelling to adventure locations, Working hard and Partying harder !

Running Goals

To see happy faces around.

HR means to me

Partners in my pursuit to happiness. So happy to be part of this group .Because of the enthusiasm they infuse in runners i have been able to manage runs and work so well.

My favorite running Line

Roses are red, Violets are blue;
I love running, How about you ?!