Frequently asked questions

How do I be part of Hyderabad Runners?

Join us for any of our runs (that you see on the Calendar) or subscribe to our Google Group to receive regular email communication. There is no pre-requisite to join the community, and we do not charge any membership fees.

How do I volunteer for Hyderabad Runners’ events/ programmes?

We have a big volunteering community that supports us throughout the year. We would love to meet more volunteers. Head here to know more.

My child wants to run with me. Would you be able to help him/ her out?

It is better for children to run short distances rather than long distances. Our Outdoor Kids Summer Camp and Hyderabad Kids Run are ideal for getting children into running.

I am visiting this city on a short trip. Could I join your group for a run?

You are welcome to join us – we love meeting new runners. Check out our Calendar for a run that suits you or head here to check out a training location closest to you.

Do you exclusively offer training sessions for marathon and half marathon?

We ensure that our community has enough support for marathon and half marathon training. Head here to know more about our training sessions.

Do I have to be within a specific age range to take part in practice runs?

We have runners above 14 years of age joining us. We have no upper limit of age for participating in our runs. As long as you are into running and fitness, you can join us.

How do I start running?

Join our annual Couch to 5K training programme – it has been designed for beginners.

I don’t run, I only walk. Could I still join Hyderabad Runners?

You are welcome to join us. We will help you train to run short distances.

Do you have weekend runs? How do I join them?

Yes, we have weekend long runs, the details of which you can find on the Calendar to your right.

I need help in organising a running event. Who do I contact?

Please write to us at

Where do I meet runners for practice/ training runs in my locality?

We have over 30 running groups all over the city. Head here to find one that is closest to you.