Train & Shine 2024 – 2025

Train & Shine 2024 – 2025

Hyderabad Runners Train & Shine is a training program to achieve your running goals and make you a better & efficient runner.
Hyderabad Runners Training includes –
  1. Strength & Conditioning sessions (twice weekly) focused on full-body conditioning.
  2. Yoga (Once weekly) for recovery and to improve flexibility
  3. A structured training plan to develop, aerobic capacity, speed, and endurance.

The comprehensive training program, will not only prepare you for the BASE TO RACE but also educate you on a variety of workouts and running-specific terms you’ll see referenced throughout your training. It’s important to understand the different types of runs included in the program in order to get the most out of the full training experience. While the program is designed for maximum results, it was also created to adapt to your experience level and is uniquely flexible to your needs.

Overview of Weekly Schedule

This plan includes 6 days of workout activities each week, all are important to get the fittest, strongest, and fastest version of you to the finish line.

  1. Monday – Yoga session by Yoga trainer. Yoga is the perfect recovery activity for runners. It relieves soreness and tension in muscles.
  2. Tuesday – Easy/Speed workout – Focus on building the aerobic base & speed workout to build strength through speed training. Throughout this plan, you’ll be introduced to a variety of speed workouts and drills that will make you faster.
  3. Wednesday – Strength/Drills – Strength training improves running performance, whether that running economy or time to exhaustion helps you stay injury-free. (In-person led by Certified Coach)
  4. Thursday- Easy Run/Hill Run/Tempo Run (As suggested on plan) –
    1. Easy runs to develop an aerobic base
    2. Hill Run – Improves leg-muscle strength, quickens your stride, expands stride length, and develops your cardiovascular system
    3. Tempo Run – is a sustained effort run that builds up your body’s ability to run faster for longer periods
  5. Friday – Strength & Conditioning drills (In-person led by Certified Coach)
  6. Saturday – Easy Run or cross-training (Cycling /swimming) or you may choose to REST
  7. Sunday – Long runs to train your body and mind to go the longer distance (As suggested on plan)

Training Locations – Training Centre Where we train
1 Aparna Hill Park Inside Premises (Only for residents)
2 Gachibowli/Kondapur Botanical Garden
3 KBR Park Inside KBR Park
4 L&T Serene County Inside Premises (Only for residents)
5 BHEL BHEL International Club
6 My Home Avatar Inside Premises (Only for residents)
7 My Home Jewel Inside Premises (Only for residents)
8 My Home Krishe Inside Premises (Only for residents)
9 My Home Mangala Inside Premises (Only for residents)
10 My Home Vihanga Inside Premises (Only for residents)
11 Nallagandla Sportium Nallagandla (Opp to Aparna Cyberlife)
12 PBEL City Inside Premises (Only for residents)
13 Pragati Nagar Near Hill Top Badminton Court
14 Rabbit Park, Secunderabad Rabbit Park, Secunderabad
15 Sanjeevaiha Park Inside Sanjeevaiha Park
16 Uppal & L B Nagar Shilparamam Uppal

PS: Any additional user fees for the Train and Shine program held in a society will be collected from resident trainees. The program is already highly subsidized, and residents are encouraged to request their association to waive such charges.

My Home Jewel, My Home Managla, My Home Vihanga.

Runners should bear the cost of the park entry fees or stadium usage charges in case of any.

Each of the above locations will have mentors(POC). Mentors are Runners from the HR Group who have volunteered to be the point of contact & help runners with any kind of clarifications needed with regards to the training also they will be coordinating with the HR office and trainers where necessary. They will also assist the group in following the training schedule. Details of the mentors will be shared via email with the registered participants only.

All our trainers & coaches are certified & hold a degree in Bachelor of Physical Education.

Training fee per Individual :  

Duration Fees Inclusions
12 Months


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*Conditions Apply

  • Any park entry fees are to be paid by the participants.
  • We look at having a minimum of 20 participants & a maximum of 25 per training location.
  • If we don’t get enough participants from a particular Training Centre, Hyderabad Runners may decide to either club it with a nearby Open-for-all center or refund the Registration fee, as per the applicant’s choice.

Cancellation Rules 

  • The program fee is non-refundable, non-extendable & non-transferable.