Marathon Training

Marathon Training

Hyderabad Runners offers a comprehensive training program to help you achieve your marathon, half marathon or 10K goals. Our expert coaching and customised training plans ensure that the training plan is suitable for runners of all abilities.

Please note that this training plan is not applicable for those who wish to train for a 5K run. If your goal is to complete a 5K run, please head to our Couch to 5K training program.

We have three options – 16 weeks, 20 weeks and 24 weeks – training programs to help you achieve your goal. All of them are customisable to your individual goals. This means it is designed in a uniquely flexible manner to help aid you at your experience level, and your needs. We have two tiers based on the experience level of the runner.

Tier 1 runners are beginners whose training focus is base building, strength and endurance.

Tier 2 runners who already have a strong base train aim to finish a half or full marathon.

At large, the program prepares you from Base to Race, and to educate you a variety of workouts and running-specific terminology. You will receive a detailed training plan after you register for the program.

Weekly Workout

  1. AEROBIC BASE : Your aerobic fitness is your base. The better your base, the better runner you are. We will help you build your aerobic base, i.e. help you increase your speed and endurance, by gradually increasing your mileage.
    Focusing on base building improves your cardiovascular system, especially your VO2 max, which is the amount of oxygen intake your body can handle. This will allow you to sustain a higher heart rate for longer. At large, training for base building allows a runner to work on their form for more efficient running.
  2. SPEED : Building strength through speed training is important as you prepare to run long distances. Throughout this plan, you’ll be introduced to a variety of speed workouts and drills that will make you faster.
  3. ENDURANCE : You need endurance training to help prepare you to finish the distance on race day. You will work on endurance with weekly long runs. These runs improve stamina and allow the body to adapt to the stress of running. They also familiarise you with the physical and mental challenges you might face during a race.
  4. STRENGTH : Strength training improves running performance, whether that is running economy or time to exhaustion. It helps you build resilience, improves efficiency and keeps you injury-free.A lot of runners avoid strength training because there is a misconception that strength training will bulks people up and slows them down. Runner-specific strength training is one of the best things you can spend your valuable training time doing. You need not train like a bodybuilder or strongman to get the benefits. Applying a few key strategies can help you get stronger, stay healthy, and race faster.
  5. RECOVERY : Recovering from your workout days is just as important as the workouts themselves. You need to use these days to recover based on how you feel. Some people take a day off while others do a light workout.

We stagger training into 5 Phases:

  • Prep & Base
  • Base Phase
  • Build
  • Peak Race
  • Post-Race Recovery Transition

2019-2020 Sessions Schedule

Season 1

  • 11th March to 25th Aug 2019 (24 weeks)
  • 08th April to 25th Aug 2019 (20 weeks)

Season 2

  • 2nd September 2019 – 16th February 2020 (24 weeks)
  • 30th September 2019 – 16th February 2020 (20 weeks)
  • 28th October 2019 – 16th February 2020 (16 weeks)

2020 – Season 1

  • 2nd March – 31st July 2020 (20 weeks)

Other Details

  • Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Time: 05:45 AM assemble across all locations. The session will last for 60-75 mins.
  • The weekly schedule includes three trainer interactive sessions and three-run sessions.
    Day Activity
    Monday Yoga – Trainer assisted session
    Tuesday Short Distance Run – Based on the training plan
    Wednesday Strength & Conditioning – Trainer assisted session
    Thursday Medium Distance Run – Based on the training plan
    Friday Strength & Conditioning – Trainer assisted session
    Saturday Active Rest – Recommended cross-training like swim/cycling
    Sunday Long Distance Run

    Please note Strength training, Yoga training is trainer assisted group training. Running days you will have to follow the training plan and you will be on your own.

  • Locations (Training will be held simultaneously on the same day, at the same time, across all these locations)
    1. Aparna Cyber Zone/Cyber Commune – Only for Residents
    2. BHEL – Open for all
    3. Botanical Garden – Open for all
    4. Gachibowli Stadium- Open for all
    5. KBR PARK/Vengal Rao Park – Open for all
    6. LB NAGAR Deer Park – Open for all
    7. L&T Serene County – Only for Residents
    8. Mahindra   Avishta – Only for Residents
    9. Malaysian Township – Only for Residents
    10. My Home Jewel – Only for Residents
    11. My Home Vihanga – Only for Residents
    12. Sanjeevaiha PARK – Open for all
    13. Osmania University – Open for all
    14. Pragathi Nagar -Open for all
    15. Matrushri Apartments – Open for residents only

Each of these locations will have two trainers and two mentors. The mentors will be your point of contact for any queries, or assistance. We will share the details of the mentors for your location after you have signed up for the program.

Runners should pay for park entry fees or stadium usage charges in case of any.

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