Kids Run

Kids Run


The Hyderabad Kids Run is a fun event meant to promote running among children. While there are several events and initiatives that cater to adults, we felt the absence of such initiatives for children. It is important for children to start their fitness journey young, and with these motivations, the Hyderabad Kids Run was born. This is a non-competitive event centered around creating a fun running experience for kids.

A Unique Experience for Kids

Organised in association with the Hitex (Hyderabad Kids Fair), this is one of the few runs that start in the evening – a kid-friendly time – instead of early morning. With a minimum entry age of just two years, this event is the culmination of all the energy of Hyderabad in one evening. Depending on the age, children are accompanied by one parent in the run, and most of the times, they finish far ahead of the said parent!

We are mindful of the fact that young children should not run long distances, so the run categories include a 1K, 2K and 4K run. At the end of the run, all kids get a finisher medal and a specialized healthy refreshment box.

With our Outdoor Kids Summer Camp and the Hyderabad Kids Run, our initiatives for kids now has a solid foundation.

Event Details:

Distance : 1K, 2K & 4K

Prize Money: No


Open for: Kids between 2 – 12 years

Distance & Age criteria


  • Minimum age for entry: 2 years
  • Kids aged between 2 to 5 years must be accompanied by one parent (only one person allowed with the kid at the holding area and on route).


  • Minimum age for entry: 4Years
  • Kids under 6 years must be accompanied by one parent (only one person allowed with the kid at the holding area and on route).


  • Age group: 8-12 years

Registration fee includes:

  • T Shirt & BIB
  • Finisher medal
  • Post-run refreshments
  • Certificate of Participation

We believe that running is a joyful affair, however to make it fun & joyful for everyone, we request all participants to follow a certain conduct. We have put together a set of recommendations for running in general and running in events.

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