Special Runs

Special Runs

The running season is not only about running in large scale events with a medal in sight. We ensure that we keep you engaged the whole season with smaller-scale runs in beautiful parts of Hyderabad city. While SAG support and post-run breakfast is the norm, these runs do not include a T-Shirt or medal. Use these runs to enjoy the spirit of the city while training for the best time.

Osmania University Run

Osmania University is a public university in Hyderabad which has been around since the early 1900s. The Arts College building is a historic masterpiece known for its detailed design. And it is here that we organise one of our summer runs. If you are new to the city, this run is a must-do since it combines your love for running with just the right amount of history. Our native Hyderabadis will regale you with the story behind this long-standing university.

BHEL Township Run

The BHEL Township is one of the few green pockets continuing to exist in Hyderabad. A green lung to the city, you will see beautiful roads flanked by tree cover, a visible lack of high-storied buildings and feel the clean air throughout your run. Often held in June, this is set right around the time that summer in Hyderabad starts to wind down and signifies the onset of the monsoon season. We promise this run will leave you refreshed after the dry and hot summer months.

Nagole Forest Run

The green environs around Vanasthali Hills are a great reason to get your running shoes out in Hyderabad monsoon time. Held every July, the route for this run is along an unoccupied layout that is dotted by different kinds of trees. If you have not ventured beyond the IT corridor of the city, this run is a great place to start – it constitutes one of the most picturesque parts of Hyderabad. Comprised of a few rolling hills, a green canopy, a small urban agglomeration, coupled with the rising sun and the monsoon drizzle, this is the perfect pre-AHM run for you.

While you are running here, keep your eyes open for the peacocks and your ears alert for some birds’ singsong.

Millet Milers ICRISAT Run 03rd March 2024

The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) is an international scientific research organization. Their campus housed in the outskirts of Hyderabad has spectacular views with green meadows and blue lakes. It is a trail runner’s paradise in many ways! Often organized in December, this run is your only chance to visit ICRISAT, which is otherwise not accessible for outsiders.

Post-run, you would be able to truly enjoy every bit of their spectacular all-you-can-eat buffet and buy their famous banana bread baked in their in-house bakery.

Registrations open @ https://www.ifinish.in/event_details/ICRISATRUN24

Alankrita Run

We start every new year with an unforgettable run which ends at Alankrita Resorts. You can experience the joy of running through the Kowkur forest, the swaying eucalyptus near the BITS campus, and passing by a canopy of trees at the Keesara highway. We promise you that sighting so much green at the beginning of the year is bound to make the rest of the year beautiful as well. You get a taste of the Cantonment hospitality which is followed by a lip-smacking spread of breakfast at Alankrita Resorts.

Farm House Run.

we close the season with Farm House run , which boost the fellow runners to start their summer preparation on Hyderabad Marathon. this run takes the route of Osmansagar to Himayatsagar to complete their 10 miles. The much awaited FARM HOUSE RUN’23 is slated for Sunday 12th March 2023.After grueling training & racing season, its time for a break and cherish those achievements.
Come join us for the Sunday long run followed by a sumptuous breakfast served along the lakeside of Osmansagar at Gandipet.It’s just not breakfast, a lot of fun will be waiting at the poolside along with the music to raise your spirits.https://bit.ly/3ZDnixI