Runners’ Evening

Runners’ Evening

After a whole year of running comes the time to celebrate the achievements. Our Annual Runners’ Evening is an occasion to recognise the feats and triumphs of those in the Hyderabad Runners family. Hyderabad Runners aims to encourage and promote amateur running, and in our journey towards that goal, we constituted a series of awards to appreciate amateur runners.

Recognising the Individual

While timing is often the most measured form of running achievements, our Annual Runners’ Evening goes beyond this. We acknowledge people’s time spent on running and volunteering, their individual growth and achievements, and also recognize families and groups that train together.

The potential awardees at the Annual Runners’ Evening are evaluated by an impartial judging panel. The panel consists of 9-11 members who are active members of Hyderabad Runners. Members from running groups all over the city will be included in the panel.

An Evening of Celebration

With the end of the running season, we kickstart the period of celebration. While our Annual Runners’ Evening is fundamentally to acknowledge runners, volunteers and other achievers, we make sure that the evening is about fun, family and friends. With music, dance and other entertainment programmes, this is one boisterous evening. We make sure running community can party hard, and our runners’ evening is definite proof of it!