Core Values
  • Community First

    This is the foundation on top of which we build all our initiatives. Our work begins with the aim of building a community, keeps itself up with the help of the community, and ends with the benefit the community derives from it. We strongly believe that running breaks several societal barriers which do not allow people to come together otherwise. So, we continue to be inspired by all the people who come together to form this eclectic community that holds itself together with one love – running.

  • Equality & Integrity

    A runner is a runner – no matter how old they are, who they are, or what they do. We build this sense of equality & integrity in all our interactions. We grow our organization in an ethical & honest manner, while striving to provide the best experience for every runner. We work hard to ensure our community, including runners & partners can place their unwavering trust in us.

  • Passion

    Everything we do, we do owing to our passion for running. All our initiatives are fuelled by the passionate set of runners & volunteers who can foresee our vision, and work towards contributing their bit in fulfilling it.

  • Collaboration

    We are a 6000+ strong community, and every year we pull together one of India’s largest marathons ably aided by a strong team of volunteers. We are not who we are if not for our volunteers. We value every person’s opinion & all our decision-making is a collaborative process, where everyone is on board with the proceedings.