Every activity we take up is strongly linked to our vision – to achieve a fit and active Hyderabad city. In our quest to achieve this, we often go beyond our training and events. We work with the Government, with several educational institutions and religious establishments to design initiatives to encourage more people to lead an active lifestyle.

With collaborations across sectors and community groups, we support events and initiatives in the running space. We supported the Digital Telangana 5K run, an event to highlight the Digital Telangana programme. We also organise a Heritage Run along with Go Heritage Runs to promote the heritage inherent to Hyderabad.

Another wing of our advocacy includes meetings and get-togethers to inculcate the right running form among our community. We host talks and sessions by doctors, physical therapists, yoga therapists, and nutritionists to improve the knowledge about staying injury-free amongst our runners. In the past, we have hosted Hugo Van Den Broek, Head Coach at Train in Kenya, Dr. Martin Klein, Consultant General Surgeon, Royal Free NHS Trust UK, P. Gopichand, former professional badminton player and current badminton coach, Dr. Phil Maffetone, coach and founder of 180 formula, and Bill Pierce, author of popular training book Run Less Run Faster, among others.

We also organise dialogues and round tables with super achievers who share with the community about their journey towards their biggest personal achievements. We have several triathletes and Comrades finishers in our community who motivate the beginners towards a lifelong commitment to running.

Advocacy is a strong arm that helps us realise our vision in small steps. And we need the community’s strong interest to build this into a consistent feature. Join­ ou­r Google Group to receive updates about the next session we organise. If you are an expert and wish to collaborate with us to interact with our community, please drop us a line at