Recreation and Child Health (REaCH) is an initiative by Hyderabad Runners that aims to inculcate the importance of physical activity at an early age and promote a healthy lifestyle in children & young adults.

Running is an amazing form of exercise irrespective of age. It improves physical health, emotional health and builds confidence & inspiration among children. In effect, it makes them healthier & happier individuals.

As part of REaCH, we have an Outdoor Kids’ Summer Camp (OK Summer Camp), that engages children in the playground for a period of 6 weeks in the summer.


Outdoor Kids is a couch to playground project that promotes physical activity & healthy lifestyles in children outside of their school time. The camp aims to make kids more aware & empowered in making the right choices with regard to their bodies. Operational since 2017, this camp has been a great success and currently operates out of 14 locations.

Being a non-competitive program, the program focuses on every child’s individual journey. Starting with a warm-up session, the kids engage in running & other fun play for one hour on each day of the camp. There is a lot of emphasis on running form, warm up and cool down, along with focus on flexibility, balance & strength. Our key aim with this camp is to introduce kids to running, while ensuring that young muscles can do so injury-free.

Being an individualised program, each child is given a personal log in the beginning of the camp, that they are supposed to fill in at the culmination of every session. This log records their physical, emotional and social growth. The log is exclusively created in a manner that engages the child, and encourages them to work with it. For example, the log makes them to think about the number of new friends they made, along with how much distance they ran, and how much water they drank.

In a nutshell, this is the perfect platform to introduce your kids to running, which creates a conducive environment to get active, eat smart and stay healthy.

2019 Sessions

  • The dates for the 2019 Outdoors Kids Camp will be announced soon.

Other Details:

Age Group: 6 – 16 years

Duration: 6 weeks

Days: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Time: 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM

Session Structure

  • 5-10 minutes of warmup
  • 15-20 minutes of walking/ jogging/ running
  • 20 minutes of a fun play, aimed at introducing teamwork, group & personal development
  • 5-10 minutes of cool down

Fee: Rs. 500/- per child (Registration fee includes the six-week training, start & final day run, and a camp T Shirt).