Relay Run


The Relay Run is an annual fun run which started in 2015 with the mission to make runners have fun. Training monotony is a real thing, and since we are keen about maintaining the joy in running, we came up with the relay run to give runners a break from their tedious training schedule. This relay run is a team event, and every individual member has to run a distance of 4 km.

This run is also a chance to unleash your inner creativity, since we encourage runners to dress in the craziest costumes they can think of. So, pick a theme for your team, wear your fancy dress costume, and get ready for your individual 4 km leg of the run. We give a prize for not just the team that finishes the run first, but also for the best costume!

Slower runners won’t be left behind

This run is also a handicapped run – the principle behind a handicapped run is to ensure all runners have a chance to finish at the same time. So, based on a criterion of age & gender, we allow certain runners to start before others so that they will not be left behind. Scroll down further to understand how we handicap this run.

Event Details

Sunday 7th July 2019

Reporting time – 5:00 AM

Race Starts – 5:45 AM

Venue – Necklace Road MMTS Station Parking

Distance: 4 km per participant (4 x 4 km). Each participant will have to cover 4km.

BIB’s will be distributed before the start of the run from 5.00 AM onwards.

Team Composition:

Each Team will have 4 members, of which the following 2 participants are mandatory:

  • One male participant above 45 years of age (in case teams are unable to get a male participant above 45 years, the threshold age barrier can be relaxed to 40+ years)
  • One female participant
  • The other 2 participants could be any combination of male & female participants

Open for: Anyone above the age of 16. If children in the age group of 12-16 years would like to take part, they would be allowed to do so only if their parents are in the same team.

Prize Money: No


How does the handicap work?
Each team will be given a time handicap based on age & gender of the participants.

Male Runner

  • 40+: Each male runner above the age of 40 will be given a time handicap of 15 seconds. Thus, a male runner aged 45 years will have a time handicap of 75 seconds (5yrs * 15 seconds)
  • 16-40: No handicap
  • 12-16: Each male runner in this age group will have a handicap of 15 seconds per year

Female Runner

  • 25+: Each female runner about the age of 25 will have a handicap of a fixed 8 minutes plus 24 seconds per year above 25. So, a female runner aged 40 will have a time handicap of 8 minutes + 360 seconds (15 yrs * 24 seconds)
  • 16-25: Each female runner in this age group will have a fixed 8 minutes handicap
  • 12-16: Each runner in this category will have a handicap of 8 minutes plus 24 seconds per year under 16

Let us assume a team with the following combination: Three men of 45, 19 and 30 years with a woman of 40 years.

  • Male runner of 45 years: 5 * 15 Sec = 75 seconds
  • Female runner of 40 years: 8 minutes + 15 * 24 seconds = 14 minutes
  • Male runner of 30 & 19 do not get any handicap

So, the total handicap for this team is 14 minutes and 75 seconds.

The team with highest handicap will start first and subsequent teams will start as per their combined time handicap. The maximum handicap allowed is 60 minutes, thus the fastest teams will start no later than 60 minutes of the slowest team.

Other Details:

  • Make your own team name, costume & bibs.
  • The timing for this run is recorded manually, so please report at the finish line after completion.

Top 3 Positions Prize Categories:

  • Fastest Finishers
  • Best Team Name
  • Unique Costumes

Registration fee includes:

  • Entry to the run
  • Post-run refreshments

Head to this link for more details about this run.

We believe that running is a joyful affair, however to make it fun & joyful for everyone, we request all participants to follow a certain conduct. We have put together a set of recommendations for running in general and running in events.