Run Details

A Run exclusively for women. (only women are allowed register)
The Hyderabad Runners Society, as a special recognition to women, have decided to undertake the promotion of women’s safety and empowerment by organizing a Women’s Night Run, as a way of encouraging women to reclaim their own safety and empower them.

Each registered runner will be eligible for
1. BiB with Timing chip (10K Only)
2. Finisher Medal
3. Post-run refreshments
4. Memories to cherish

“Attractive discount offered to encourage women to register and run.”

BIB Distribution: 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm at the Race venue (University of Hyderabad)
Event: 7:30 pm onwards

Safety instructions for the night run 

  1. It is recommended to wear a Reflective vest & carry head torch/hand torch
  2. Run against traffic. It’s easier to avoid traffic if you can see it.
  3. Don’t wear dark colors at night. White running attire is the easiest to see at night, but orange and yellow are also appropriate.
  4. Run behind vehicles at intersections. Even if a car or truck has stopped at a stop sign, there’s no guarantee the driver has seen you.
  5. Wear clear glasses. Clear glasses will protect your eyes from bugs and other unseen obstacles.
  6. Run in a group – As cliché as it may sound, safety is truly greater in numbers. Avoid running solo, be with the pack as some stretches on the route may be poorly lit.
  7. Be aware of the surroundings, and it’s essential to pay attention to your surroundings, especially in the dark when it becomes harder to distinguish objects from people.
  8. Ditch the music – Try to avoid wearing headphones. You can’t hear oncoming cars, dogs, or any other potential threat.