Hrishitaa Danda

Running requires us to rely on ourselves—our strength, balance, and endurance. It also requires our complete attention, just like meditation. When you run, you are in-charge of yourself and lost in thoughts. The noise of life stops.
Running may be tough at times, every runner knows all runs are not created equal. But the good outweighs the bad. The opportunity trumps the adversity. The freedom is more powerful than the difficulty. Running sets us free.
Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up. As runners, sometimes we ask ourselves, why do we run? Are we being chased by something?
We run because, our heart demanded it. We run because it gives us freedom, because the mere thought gives us joy, because pounding the feet into the pavement was the only way to hammer ourselves back together. We run to pick ourselves back, organise our thoughts and clear our heads. Zone out and Our Runner Of The Week, Hrishitaa found all this in running. Otherwise, how does one explain her 12 year running journey. Read on to know more about her.ho picked up running at the age of 53 years, moved on from 5k to 50k.
This is Hrishitaa Danda. I was Born in Bilaspur, CG and brought up in different cities - Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi & Lucknow. Completed by MBA Finance from Jaipuria Institute of Management - Lucknow. Was working in Delhi for 5 years. Got Married to my Adorable Partner - Darshan and moved to New York, US. Have been into different sports since childhood. I love Yoga, Zumba and Aerobics. Am a Certified Yoga instructor from Sivananda Society, New Delhi. Have been in Hyderabad since 6 years and love Hyderabad Runners.
Running History:
Have been into Running since 12+ years now. Running is what defines me. It sets me free and lets me be myself. Running is Meditation for me. My running passion got accelerated here with Hyderabad Runners and with My Coach Sunil & My Wonderful Co-runners Harshad, Raushanji, Kshitij. Harshad has been my Biggest Inspiration. Arunkumar Sir has been Always been Motivating and Guiding Us,, Running Couple. I love my Running Group of Aparna, L&T & MHJ. They keep encouraging and motivating me.
Have done many HMs and few FMs, along with Ultras.. The recent official ones are:
1. Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018 - FM - 4:26
2. Hyderabad Ultra Marathon 2017 (50 km) - 5:51 (Got Podium - First)
3. Shriram Properties Bengaluru Marathon 2017 - FM - 4.27 (Category Rank: 5)
4. Airtal Hyderabad Marathon 2017 - PACER 10km (1 hour bus)
5. Hyderabad Club Run 2017 - HM - 1.53 (Got Podium - First)
6. SCMM 2017- HM - 1.57 (Category Rank: 11)
7. Shriram Properties Bengaluru Marathon 2016 - HM - 2.13
8. Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2016 - HM - 2.27
Family & Work:
Married to my Loving Husband Darshan Danda. He is from Amchi Mumbai and a true Mumbaikar. He was more of Gym/Yoga person but am glad I could get him into running too. And now few people call us "The Running Couple"; Happy & Proud!! He is my Great Support System. Was working in Delhi as Deputy Manager - Corporate Finance for 5 years and working directly with CFO & CEO. Am Certified from National Stock Exchange (NSE) in Capital Market, Derivative Market & Commodity Market in Dealer Modules. Now am pursuing my passion of Running, Aerobics, Yoga & Zumba
Other Interests:
Traveling, Visiting different places & Reading
Running Goals:
Stay Injury Free so that I can Always Keep Running
HR means to me:
HR is a catalyst who helped me boost my running passion with so many opportunities. It brings so many wonderful runners together that Running and Improvement spread in a rapid manner. HR brings about Selflessness, Positivity, Encouragement & Motivation within all. HR has been a blessing in my life & helped me get so many wonderful runner friends. Has made me build Memories to cherish. Big Thanks to HR.
My favorite running Line:
"People Run & then Get Tired & I get tired then start running" - Hrishitaa Danda "Running is Meditation for me and makes me physically and mentally strong" - Hrishitaa Danda "Run often, Run Long. But never outrun your joy of running" - Julie Isphording So, what is your trigger to run?
DATE: 4th Feb
LOCATION: Aparna Sarovar, Nallagandla (exact details will be shared in long run emailer)