Yogendra Shrivastav

Picking up a hobby or a new interest, no matter how late in life, has proven to have positive effects on a person's well-being. Though one may feel firmly established in their career, life, and even favorite pastimes, the truth is that there’s never been the right time pick up a new hobby. You can start anytime in your life.
Athletic hobbies are key to a healthy, positive and, most importantly, fun lifestyle. While anything can be healthy as long as it promotes physical, social or cognitive activity. You’ll possibly discover a new passion, improve yourself, see the world from a different perspective, and ultimately shake up your life for the better. Sound good?
If you are feeling sad, angry, disappointed, or guilty, over something from the past, know that the past is a memory, and you can change the story. To help you move on from it, try asking yourself what you can learn from the experience and what could have been worse. Defining the difference between what happened and what you wanted to happen, can help you create a plan for next time.
If you think your dreams are too far gone, read on to know the story of our RUNNER OF THE WEEK, YOGENDRA, who picked up running at the age of 53 years, moved on from 5k to 50k.
I am Yogendra, born and brought up in Delhi. I am an Architect by profession. I have never been a sports enthusiast but played Badminton, volleyball, Football, Hockey on and off during my school days. Also went trekking in Himalayas during school and college days but once a year activity. Settled in Hyderabad since 1998
Running History:
I used to go for regular jogs in Delhi at Nehru Park or Lodhi Garden during summer vacations. Took many rounds of school field as punishment many times, I felt it was better option than to do homework and attend class. Once I started working all physical activities stopped completely. Tried to start running a few times alone on roads but could never continue.
In 2015, Joined Couch to 5K after 30 years of inactive life, with serious doubts on fitness, Age nearing 53, weight over 85Kg, took two weeks to gather courage to join the program. With Ashish Maheshwari as mentor, a difficult slow 200m run soon changed to comfortable 5K with fun. But running only 3days a week (office work other days) with no Cross or Strength training resulted in number of injuries one after another. Despite injury ran Durshet 10K, Heritage Run 10K and AHM 10K, as a result of which I was forced to quit running for over 4 months. Joined Yoga classes, started strength training. After gaining confidence I completed 10k at Club run 2016 1:07 hrs confirming full recovery. Was able to keep injuries at bay with consistency in strength training and Yoga.
I was guided by Ashish Maheshwari, Mahesh & Alex the experienced runners from our RTP Runners, strength training sessions by Ravi Miska, Rafik and Poonam ensured improvement. Training with my buddies Alex and Vijay Tiwari took me from Half to Ultra in a few months.
Some events timings
AHM 2016 Half in 2:20
SCMM 2017 Half 2:06
Club Run 2017 Half 2:03
AHM 2017 Half in 2:07
Hyderabad Ultra 50K 2017 in 5:43 hrs
TMM2018 Full in 4:23 hrs
Family & Work:
My Wife Rachna, also an Architect, working as Occupancy Planner, JLL has been supporting my runs and changed food habits of family. Have passion for cooking and we prefer home food than eating out. She has been strength training for few months and presently training under Couch to 5K. Our only daughter Dhwani, studying in class XI, has run some 5K and 10K, with little or no training. Joined C2 5K also, managing time somehow to attend some sessions for formal training during pre board exams.
I worked in Delhi for 4 years after graduation, joined a consultancy firm in Kuwait, back to India just after 18 months as refugee due to invasion by Saddam, started doing freelance jobs which gradually became Architectural and Interior Design consultancy firm. Specializing in Commercial projects. Came to Hyderabad for a job and settled as liked the city and IT boom ensured enough work.
Other Interests:
Travelling, going for long drive. Read about science, Technology gadgets, Automobiles etc. little cooking at home.
Running Goals:
Long term Goal, to keep running injury free as long as possible. Improve running efficiency/posture
Short term:: Full in 4:10 this year, or maybe sub 4 next year.
HR means to me:
An extended Family, Had no friends in Hyderabad, other than professional links. Made many since joined HR. HR made me Runner with C to 5K, kept continuously engaged with events and eagerly awaited Sunday Long runs. Credit goes to HR for my healthy active lifestyle. HR a platform where keep getting motivation, knowledge and experience to keep trying for improvement. Managing Events, Sunday Runs, Cto5K etc all with volunteers is unique and ensure all feel responsible and part of HR.
My favorite running Line:
Discipline is doing what needs to be done, Even if you don’t want to do it.
DATE: 11 Feb 2018
LOCATION: Gachibowli stadium