Race Category: 10 Km

Target Time: 00:55 Hr

Name: Ravi Sathanapalli

Profile: "I have always enjoyed running on and off but have become passionate about running after joining Hyderabad Runners (HR) about 6 years ago. Since then, with the support, guidance and inspiration from all the fantastic people at HR, I have trained for and participated in several half and full marathon events. My very first running event was the AHM 2012 edition - when I ran my first half marathon - in 2:02 minutes, missing my sub 2hr target by a whisker. I made up for that in my next half marathon event - the Hyderabad Heritage Marathon - where I completed the half marathon in my personal best time of 1:48 minutes. My first experience as a pacer was at AHM 2012 where I was the pacer for the half marathon 2:30 Bus. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of pacing in that event and am really looking forward to pacing for the 55-minute bus for the 10 K event at AHM 2016."

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Race Category: 10 Km

Target Time: 1:00 Hr

Name: Renu Singh

Profile: "I like pacing. I've done it thrice for Hyderabad Runners events in the last two years. My pacing plan is simple: positive splits if it's a flat course, and if it's hilly - run slow ascending and speed up downhill. Past pacing details: HR Club Run 2015 21K: 2:15 bus AHM 2015 21K: 2:30 bus HR Club Run 2015 10K: 70 min bus"

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Race Category: 10 Km

Target Time: 1:00

Name: Srinivas Rao Yalamanchili

Profile:"I started long distance running in Oct 2014. I am a veterinarian by profession and a runner by passion. I am a keen sportsman and play all games and sports. I was a sprinter and long and triple jumper since school days. I won many medals at state and national level in Veteran and Master's Athletic meets. I won The Hyderabad10K 2015, 10K in Amaravathi Marathon at Vijayawada ,Zero Mile Marathon at Nagpur and stood second in Rotary Arneja Dream Run at Nagpur and 37th National Masters Athletic meet at Vidisha in the last 10 months. I have travelled all over the country and to Macau,Hongkong,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand and China. Completed the Kailash mansarovar Yatra in 2010. I like hanging out with friends and reading fiction. Looking forward to be a pacer for the first time.My favourite quote is "Don't stop when you are tired.....Stop only when you are DONE."

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Race Category: 10 Km

Target Time: 1:10 Hr

Name: Chinnaswamy

Profile: "My name is Chinnaswamy , 44 Years old I am running for last 4Years . I have participated around 30 events (30 Finisher medals) different cities in India. 3 -Full Marathon, 6- Half Marathon,15- 10K run and 6- 5Krun. The reason behind my love towards running is as follows. In the Year 2012 during my first 100K Oxfoam Trailwalkrs near Bangalore, I gave up after 60K because of blisters and knee pain due to lack of practice, inexperience and less knowledge of the running while rest of my team members finished. When I saw my fellow runners getting the finisher medals I was really disappointed about me. Finally I took up as a challenge, trained with Hyderabad Runners & our Early Birds Team. In 2014 our team emerged as a winner in Veteran team. In the last four years I have gained lot of knowledge regarding walking and running interacting with senior athletes & different kind of runners. Running is my religion and fitness is my mantra. Please join my bus let we can share more experience about running, Let's enjoy India's running festival called AHM !"

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Race Category: 10 Km

Target Time: 1:20 Hr

Name: Ravi Yadavilli

Profile: "Ravi's been an avid runner for several years now and has finished several half-marathons. He likes running outdoors and has run in various countries across 6 continents. He thinks the morning runs get him a feeling of any new place. However, injuries have made him stick to 10Ks in recent times. Ravi has paced 10K/80 minutes in the 2015 edition of Hyderabad marathon and is very glad that many of those who were in his bus not only finished strong but also are inspired to do half marathon this year. He thinks 10K runs should be fun, chit-chatty and enjoyable. Join him to know more and have fun while on the run!"

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