Medical Information

The large team of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals from Care Hospitals provide medical support for the Hyderabad Marathon. Medical staff will be available at 21 on-course locations, including Start and Finish areas.. Medical Stations can be identified by the signs with the Red Cross symbol and will be stationed towards the front of an Aid Station. Each tent is equipped with a team of certified medical personnel, adequate emergency and first aid supplies. Ambulances will be available at key locations.

In the Finish Area at the GMC Balayogi Stadium, the Main Medical Tent is located just beyond the Finish line . An additional medical observation desk is located right after the Finish Line. There will also be physiotherapy facility in the Finish area, where trained professionals will help you with stretching and massages if needed. For the safety of all participants, only those requiring medical assistance will be allowed access into the medical tents.

Care Hospital Marathon Patient Connection Team

In the event a participant is transported to a local area hospital at the discretion of the medical team, the Care Hospital's Patient Connection staff will be on hand in the GMC Balayogi Stadium, Gachibowli to provide information regarding that patient to family and friends. Patient Connection staff can be found at the medical Information tent at the Finish Area as well as at the Stadium Medical Tent waiting area located outside the south-west entrance gate behind the bleachers.