How does the "Run for a Reason" charity program work?

The "Run for a Reason" program is designed to help charities receive much needed financial support through the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2016 annual event.

Please find the link to download the charity process document.

Runners and non-runners collect donations from family, friends, coworkers, etc. on behalf of an official charity of their choice. The "Run for a Reason" program strengthens ties between the running community and charities and also provides much needed financial support for the underserved.

What are the requirements for getting involved?

Any charity organization interested in partnering with us can send an email to requesting their interest in participating or fund raising through our event.

We will look into your request and send you the required information on how you can be a charity partner in AHM | 2016.

The AHM | 2016 reserves the right to review each charity's performance on a case-by-case basis before rendering a final decision about whether a charity is eligible to apply for the following year's event. Once the 2016 charities have been selected, the list is final and no additional charity organizations will be added.

Who generally participates in the Run for a Reason program?

Many runners are already involved with a charity and decide to use the AHM | 2016 Committee's events as an additional avenue to support their favourite cause.

Official charities promote the program through their newsletter, website or word of mouth within their constituency. Even those who have never participated in a road race before can get involved in the excitement of our events while raising money for those in need.

Anyone can become a fundraiser for a charity; they do not need to be a runner. We encourage official charities to reach out to those who do not run, but still want to show their support by becoming a fundraiser.

Official charities are encouraged to contact local running clubs, marathon training groups and area road races to promote their cause. Some even recruit runners to the program by sending volunteers to running "hot spots.": Visibility in the local running community is an important aspect of any charity's "Run for a Reason" program.

How are donations collected?

Official charities in the "Run for a Reason" program will have a dedicated donation page on the AHM | 2016 website. We also request all our charity partners to add our campaign page on respective websites and support our event. They could also make their own online donation campaign if they have that facility. They only need to inform us on how much amount they are able to raise through our event.

In addition, runners who want to do fund raising can build a personal donation page on Additional online tools are available to help fundraisers. Anyone can sign up for a free Charity donation page on the website (above link), which can easily be customized with a picture and personal message. Participants email potential donors with the link to their personal page and a request a donation for their run in AHM | 2016.

Donors can simply pull out their credit cards and contribute without having to write a check, find a stamp and get to a mailbox, thus making giving online easy! Tax deductible receipts and acknowledgments are sent to all donors.

Personal donation pages are available for all individuals, not just race participants. Raising money through a personal donation page is simple, speedy, and available to all. Please note that creating a personal donation page does not register anyone into our races. All donations must to be processed through the fundraiser's page on the AHM | 2016 website, and not through another website.

Important information about donation pages:

The online donation system is maintained by an outsourced technology vendor. This company provides fundraising management solutions for hundreds of races and other sporting events across the country. There are fees and details involved with using this software that pertain to the official charities only. This information will be discussed at Charity Orientation. There are no fees assessed to any fundraiser.

There are no fees incurred by collecting cash or check donations through offline means. All such contributions go directly to the charity. Checks written to a charity should always include the fundraiser's name in the memo line and be sent directly to that charity's office, not the AHM | 2016 or Hyderabad Runners Society office. It is required that each official charity promptly enter offline donations into their account. This information must contain: donor name, amount, address, phone and email. This information is used for verification purposes only. Each charity partner is required to send every donor an acknowledgement and tax deductible receipt.

When does the charity partner receive the money from online donations or from the event?

The online charity fund raising through the runners will get closed a week after the event. After all the formalities relating to are completed by the charity partner, the funds will be transferred to their account immediately after that. This will take about a week to 10 days after the event. The corporate fund raising shall be dealt with directly between the corporate and the charity partner.

What costs are involved with being an official charity?

Nothing from AHM | 2016. We want to help the charities as much as we can through this event. charges administration expenses of 5 to 7% from the donor.

How much money should our organization raise?

There is no upper limit. It will help your organization as well as ours. There is no upper limit. But if you are unable to fund raise a minimum of about Rs. 25000 through our event, it will be difficult for us to select your organization as our charity partner for the coming years.

Thank you for your interest in our "Run for a Reason" program.

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